I made this simple trellis from a combination of reclaimed pallet wood and scrap lumber in a few hours over a weekend.

Difficulty Level (1-10)
Approximate Time Needed


The two legs are each 5 feet tall, made from the scraps of a 10 foot treated 1 x 4 that I had ripped down to make some trim. Each leg is approximately 3/4″ wide.


The crossbars are made from scraps of a pallet that I had ripped to make some planter boxes. I alternated between horizontal and diagonal rungs attached to the legs using wood screws. I made sure to start each screw with a drilled pilot hole so not to crack the fragile wood.

Lessons Learned

You’ll notice that the crossbars are laid on top of the legs instead of set inside.

I started this project by setting the crossbars inside the legs and using nails from the outside of the legs to attach them. This arrangement was very weak, and the whole thing fell apart on me.

When I switched to putting the crossbars on top of the legs and using wood screws, the whole thing was much more stable.

Trellis with Plant


I finished the project by applying:

  • One coat of outdoor primer
  • One coat of Silver Sage Paint by Restoration Hardwood
  • One spray coat of Thompson’s Water Seal

The whole project was easy to do and it will be fun to watch it host our flowering vines!